Maintenance & Servicing

Maintenance and Servicing

Unrivalled back-up service and maintenance:

At Coolrite, we believe that well-maintained equipment will mean fewer breakdowns and will increase the overall life of the equipment.

As a result, Coolrite is committed to providing an after-sales service which doesn’t simply seek to rectify a problem as it occurs, instead, Coolrite carries out regular extensive maintenance of equipment to ensure that all equipment is kept in excellent working order and operates as efficiently as possible.

We believe that well maintained equipment will:

  • Run efficiently
  • Cause minimum hardship for our customer in breakdowns
  • Reflect the Coolrite name of providing the best service available on the market

Coolrite provides fully trained service engineers and can respond to any call within 3 hours of receipt.  Our service team can respond to a service call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Coolrite provides both on-site and Remote Refrigeration Monitoring.

To log a service call you may do the following:

  • During normal business hours - Call our Reception on 01-821 4833 or 042-966 5460
  • If a problem occurs outside of normal business hours - Call our Emergency Service Number on 086-258 9549

Coolrite - Service and Maintenance



  • Gleeson Butchers

    "Coolrite has been one of our key suppliers for over 20 years. I'm glad to have been a customer for so long and would definitely recommended Coolrite."

    Patrick Gleeson

    Testimonial from Gleeson Butchers
  • Hogan Farms

    "We have been using Coolrite for in excess of 25 years. The installation and the quality of the work of Coolrite we have found has been exceptional and the backup service is first class."

    Paul Hogan

    Testimonial from Hogan Farms
  • O'Brien's Supervalu

    "I have engaged Coolrite to install refrigeration and air conditioning in the 3 shop upgrades which I did. I've never had any regrets in having them as my refrigeration partner."

    Larry O'Brien

    Testimonial from O'Brien's Supervalu

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