Food Processing & Pharmaceutical Refigeration

Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Refrigeration

Coolrite offer solutions for the full range of industrial, food processing and pharma applications.  With industrial food processing clients such as "Lakeland Dairies" & "O'Brien Fine Foods" we have decades of experience in refrigeration for all types of production, from chilling production areas, chilling of storage and packaging areas, to chilling and freezing of the finished products.

With our own in house design team, we can produce a solution which is tailored for your particular industrial requirement.

By utilizing our custom designed heat recovery systems we can use the heat dissipated from the refrigeration system to generate large amounts of hot water which can be used during cleaning or for another application within the facility.

When necessary, we can design low noise systems with improved acoustics to minimize the noise from the refrigeration plant.  Coolrite use inverter systems with intelligent control to vary the speed of fans, pumps and compressors thus ensuring the the refrigeration plant is using the minimum amount of energy necessary for the process.  In this way the refrigeration system responds continuously depending on the demand for cooling.  Given that many industrial processes are continuous, the energy savings which are delivered translate to enormous annual cost savings for the client.

Coolrite have been involved in several energy saving refrigeration projects which have received grants from SEAI.  If you are considering an energy saving refrigeration project, call us today on 01 821 4833 to discuss your options and any possible grant funding which may be available.




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  • Gleeson Butchers

    "Coolrite has been one of our key suppliers for over 20 years. I'm glad to have been a customer for so long and would definitely recommended Coolrite."

    Patrick Gleeson

    Testimonial from Gleeson Butchers
  • O'Brien's Supervalu

    "I have engaged Coolrite to install refrigeration and air conditioning in the 3 shop upgrades which I did. I've never had any regrets in having them as my refrigeration partner."

    Larry O'Brien

    Testimonial from O'Brien's Supervalu
  • Hogan Farms

    "We have been using Coolrite for in excess of 25 years. The installation and the quality of the work of Coolrite we have found has been exceptional and the backup service is first class."

    Paul Hogan

    Testimonial from Hogan Farms

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